Friday, March 30, 2007

Vibration in Universe

James Arthur Ray

You live in a vibrational universe
everything is vibration
from thought to thing.

Science and spirituality both agree
that what appears to be empty
space is actually a field of unlimited
consciousness and potential.

You are a creative
force within this
unlimited universe
and you create in
three domains

First, the world of thought
–which is the domain of intention

Intention is a vibration

Second, the world of body and motion
– this is the domain of
emotion. Emotion is
nothing more than
energy in motion

All emotions and actions

And finally the world of feeling
feeling is the
ultimate vibration

Feeling is visceral –
you literally
“feel” in your body

Every feeling you sustain in your body creates
a biochemical change and simultaneously
sends a vibrational message to the Universe
calling forth a harmonizing vibration.

In this way your thoughts, feelings, and
actions create from the field of unlimited
potential and possibility.

When all three of your worlds come
together vibrationally – You create
anything you choose – Anything!

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