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How to Develop Empowering Beliefs and Values

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Our beliefs act as the 'on' and 'off' switch to our brain and our inner resources. Without the right beliefs in place, none of the other steps in the success formula matter.

Our beliefs determine what we want and what we do when we don't get what we want. If you have limiting beliefs like, 'It's too difficult', 'I'm too young', 'it's not possible', 'I am not a good speaker', it is highly unlikely that you will set inspiring goals in the first place.

If you don't have empowering beliefs, you will not set goals for yourself. And nobody can set goals for you either.

Similarly, limiting beliefs about yourself and the situation will make you 'give up' rather than change your strategy and take action until you succeed.

If you believe that you don't have the capability or that 'it is too difficult', then you are more likely to quit than change your strategy and take action until you succeed.

So an empowering set of beliefs is truly one of the keys you need to punch in, to set the rest of the formula in motion.

The second key that drives the success are our values or what we hold dear to us, and live by. Values are like emotional hot buttons that drive our behavior. They are what we value as important in our lives.

All of us regard values like 'success', 'freedom', 'security', 'love' and 'happiness' very differently. And it is the way we internally rank these values that determine the kinds of choices we make, and the actions we take.

Some people are driven towards reaching their goals because of their need to feel secure. Others may be driven by a different value, like freedom. "I want to earn enough to be free" (free from want, free to walk out of a boring job) is an often-heard goal.

The important thing is that whatever our values are, they must be aligned with our goals. The main reason why most people never feel driven towards their goals is because their values are not aligned, their values may even be in conflict with their goals.

I once had a student (a young mother) who could never feel consistently motivated towards her goals of achieving her sales targets. It was later that it dawned on her that her goals and values were in direct conflict. She valued 'family' but as a professional, she also valued 'success'.

This internal conflict drained a lot of her energy, and held her back. She wanted to achieve her career goals but she felt guilty whenever the pursuit of her goal prevented her from spending time with her family.

Successful have empowering beliefs that they can achieve what they set out to do and they ensure they align their values with their goals.

If you want to become successful, develop empowering beliefs and align your values because if you don't, there is almost no chance that success will knock on your door.

To Your Success,

Adam Khoo

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