Friday, February 09, 2007

Observations ... so true ??

1. Tests have show that women rate 3% higher in general intelligence than men, though their brain size is smaller.

2. Women are walking radar detectors, that is why men have difficulty lying to women. Their brains have the ability to integrate and decipher verbal, visual and other signals of body language. Hence, women will always be safe when faking an orgasm.

3. Women wants lots of sex with the man she loves. Men just want lots of sex.

4. When men flirt, they will lower their pitch of voice. Women will raise theirs.

5. Women talk and think aloud while men do them silently. As a result, men think women talk too much and are nags.

6. Women talk about their problems as a way of relieving stress. She wants to be heard, not fixed by being offered advice and solutions.

7. Speech and words are not a specific brain skill for men. They find it hard to express themselves. That's why they often choose greeting cards with plenty of words inside. That way, there's less space for them to write.

8. Women leave men, not because they are unhappy with what he can provide, but because they are emotionally unfulfilled.

9. Women uses an average of 20,000 communication words, sounds, andgestures a day. Men only use about 7,000.

10. So if a woman is talking to you a lot, she likes you. But if she'snot talking, you're in trouble.

11. Men are more thick-skin than women. Literally. Which explains why women have more wrinkles than men. Boys loses their sensitivity touch by the time they reach puberty. So where does all thatsensitivity go? It all goes to just one area.

12. If a woman is unhappy in her relationship, she can't concentrate on her work. If a man is unhappy at work, he can't focus on his relationship.

13. Men can only do one thing at a time. When they stop their car to read a street directory, they have to turn down the radio. Women's brain are configured for multi-tasking performance. They can talk onthe phone, watch the TV and cook at the same time.

14. Most men get a brain haemorrhage after 20 minutes of clothes shopping.

15. When it comes to sex, women need a reason; men need a place.

16. 15% to 20% of men have feminised brains. About 10% of women have masculinised brains. So there are more gays than lesbians in the world.

17. Most women prefer sex with the lights off - they can't bear to see a man enjoying himself. Men likes the lights on - so they can get the woman's name right.

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